Who we are

Every year more and more hunting/ gundogs are abandoned in Spain, as their owners have no use for them as they will not hunt or are past breeding age.

These dogs are not held in great esteem here and are felt to make impossible pets...the image of a setter being a dog that has too much energy to be a pet, whereas in our experience once inside a living home they are the most faithful and attention seeking, loving and sleepy dogs ever!

The aim of Operation Waggy Tails is to rehome these dogs outside of Spain, mainly in the UK where gundogs' are given the love and attention they deserve.

Waggy Tails is a small rescue, dedicated to rehoming our dogs with the best families and making every new owner feel like part of our group, more like a group of friends than adopters. We are me, Heather, based in Spain and Meriel, who is based in the UK and runs our UK side, plus members of the association board who play an active but unseen role in the day to day running of the association.

Meriel with Jara

Meriel and Heather sporting Operation Waggy Tails exclusive t shirts!

Heather with Rose

Heather with Kita and Trufo (adopted)

I started by rescuing my own dogs, then fostered for other groups before learning about the shelter. I am based in Northern Spain and am the main contact with the shelter, visiting it when I can. I am the president of the Operation Waggy Tails association in Spain (reg no: 609156, NIF G74403932)

Meriel adopted one of the first dogs I rehomed from the shelter and is an amazing person to work with, truely dedicated to sharing her passion for gundogs abandonded in Spain.

If you choose to adopt from us, one of the first things we like to do is start a relationship with you..we like to know our adopters and have stayed in contact with most of them, chatting via facebook or on the phone. This does not have to be the case and we also have adopters who we have only contacted once a year but we find most people love to share how their new family member is getting on and we love to hear about them. With this in mind, we have recentlty created the facebook page "Operation Waggy Tails Happy Tales" for people to share stories and updates, freeing up our main page "Operation Waggy Tails" to show you the wonderful dogs we have waiting for you.

We have a close working relationship with Huellas Puertollano and know that they will only suggest dogs for us to rehome that are ready to be rehomed. We trust their opinions and judgements on the dogs as we know they love each one we send to the UK.

We are registered as an association in Spain and are a non profit making organisation in the UK.

 Saying goodbye to Malva...one of the first two dogs of 2016 rehomed in the UK.

 Enzo enjoying freedom...rehomed 2015

 Teresa rehomed 2014, one of the first of many dogs we have now rehomed in the UK.

Flecha, the first dog I sent to the UK and part of Meriels' beautiful dog family!

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